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The program is free, anyone can use it freely.

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The USER may use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT solely at her own risk, therefore the creator of the program makes no guarantees or warranties of any kind!

The creator of the program is not responsible for any indirect or direct damages resulting from the use of the software.

Privacy policy:

This Privacy Policy contains the rules for handling personal data in the framework of the websites and services available on the domain name www.freecabinetcad.com and its subdomains, as well as information on data management.
By starting to use the service, Users/Website visitors accept the terms of this policy.

The data processed when visiting the website are as follows :

   1. During your visit to the site, certain data generated during the visit may be recorded automatically.
The system automatically logs this data without any special declaration or action by the User.
The system typically stores this data for less than 3 days, after which the data is overwritten, i.e. deleted.
In this way, for example, the following data can be stored : IP adress, webbrowser data, visit parameters.

2. The operator of the site may place a cookie on the device used by the User for an optimal, individualized appearance.
The User can delete the cookie from her device or set her browser to prohibit the use of cookies.
The cookies are present in your system for an indefinite period of time, or until the cookies are deleted by the User.

Google ads:

The website contains Google Adsense ads.
When the user visits the website, cookies are downloaded to her browser.
Google uses these cookies to display ads based on the user's previous visits to the website or other websites.

Users can opt out of personalized ads : Advertising settings.
You can find information about Google's data management here: https://policies.google.com/privacy

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