The Tools menu items

Piece list:
    Here you can find a list of the components of our furniture with some help to prepare the price calculation.
    The window contains four tabs:

  Calculation tab:
        The calculation basically includes the doors, chipboards, edges and worktops shown in the drawing.
        We can specify unit prices for these elements.
       You can freely fill in the empty lines with the materials used.
        Lines without names are removed from the list.

  Door tab:
        The table contains a list of used doors.
        Doors whose size is not included in the "Door dimensions" table in "Edit" menu are marked as CUSTOM.

 Board tab:
       The list of chipboards sorted by color and thickness.
        The list also includes the number of edged and the size of the cut corners.
        The thickness of the edge can be set in the upper right corner of the window, which is deducted from the size of the furniture panels in the list.
       Different sizes of edge can be specified for furniture panels and doors made of furniture panels.

 Worktop tab:
        The table contains the dimensions of the worktops and their cut corners.

 Groups tab:
       The table shows the used chipboards, doors and worktops arranged according to their groups.

With the Print buttonyou can print the list of doors, furniture panels, and worktops, as well as the calculation
just put a checkmark in front of the items you want to print in the window that appears.

The Copy to clipboard button copy the selected cells to the clipboard.
If there are no selected cells in the table, all cells are copied.

It can be selected with the SHIFT and arrow keys and the left mouse button.

   A simple text editor window in which you can add notes to your plan.