The View menu items

The program has 3 two-dimensional (top view, side view, front view)
and there are 5 three-dimensional (anonometric, perspective, visual plan, corpus, exploded view) views.
In this menu, we can switch between these views and make some settings.

It is also possible to display each group separately.
You can access this feature by going to the group window and clicking on the column before the group name.

Top view:
   2-dimensional top view of the drawing.
You can choose from three different top view modes.
    When clicking on full view, all elements are drawn.
    If the Low and Up menu items are selected, only pieces of furniture above or below
   the height determined by the Top view setting menu will be visible.
   This helps when designing kitchen furniture because the lower and upper elements are more transparent when displayed separately.

Front view:
    2-dimensional front view of the drawing.

Side view:
   2-dimensional side view of the drawing.

In all 2-dimensional views, you can move the drawing by holding down the left mouse button.
You can also draw dimension lines on the plan with the right mouse button.
A meter consisting of a dashed line and a solid line appears.
We can use this to make measurements.
The measured values ​​can be read in the lower right corner of the window.
You can switch to diagonal measurement with the middle mouse button.
The meter can be turned off by clicking with the right mouse button again.
If you want to draw a size line, click with the left mouse button and a window will appear where you can enter the size number.
If the entered number is greater than 0, then a dimension line will appear on the drawing instead of the continuous line of the measuring device.

    In all three 2-dimensional views, it is possible to enlarge or reduce the drawing.
        At 100% size 1 pixel = 1 millimeter
        At 40% size 1 pixel = 2 millimeter
        At 20% size 1 pixel = 5 millimeter
    It is recommended to insert the elements at 100% zoom, because this is the only place where millimeter accuracy can be achieved.
    You can zoom not only with these menu items, but also simply by using the vertical scroll wheel of the mouse.

   Spatial display with parallel-beam projection.
    The functions of the mouse are as follows:
Left button - rotate
Right button - move
Vertical scroll - zoom

    Display the drawing with central projection.
    The drawing is moved in the same way as in the axonometric view.

    3D Visualisation.
The drawing is moved in the same way as in the axonometric view.

   Reset the viewpoint of the current view.

   A view similar to the visual plan, but all elements are hidden in the drawing except for the chipboards and legs.

The menu is active if a group is selected in the group window.
You can then use the menu to view an exploded view of the group.
This view is also available in the group window by right-clicking on the group name.


When inserting, when moving the new elements, they are aligment to the existing elements that are closer than 50 mm to them.
It can be switched on and off not only from the menu, but also with the TAB key.
Its activated state is displayed in the status bar.


Smooth the visualisation.
A graphics operation that results in a more smoother image.
It causes an error on some machines, so it can be turned off.

Group dimension lines :
Turn on and off the dimension lines of the groups in axonometric and perspective view.

Top view setting:

Specifying the height that divides the drawing into lower and upper parts based on what is described in the top view.

Angle of view:
Adjust the camera angle.


Here you can set the element to be inserted is drawn to the right and below or to the left and above the cursor.
The function is also available by pressing the INSERT button.
 Its current status can be view is statusbar.

Paper color:
The color of the background can be white or gray.

Turn animation on and off for changing views.


Selecting the language of the program.