The Edit menu items

A menu containing tools for modifying existing elements in our drawing.

    Undo the last drawing operation.

    Select items using the mouse pointer.
    The program switches to top view and use the left mouse button to create a marking square.
    Elements of the drawing that are touched by this rectangle will be selected.
    With the second click, the program switches to the front view.
The number of selected elements can be reduced with another marking rectangle.
   The selected elements appear in green on the drawing.
    It is also possible to select groups. 
    Then click on the name of the group in the group window.
    With the exception of the visual plan, it is also possible to select with the mouse pointer in all views.
    Just click with the left mouse button and the item you are pointing to will be selected.
    If the element is already selected, the one behind it will be selected.
    If you point to an empty area, the selection is cleared.

Select all
    With this menu, you can select any board or door.
It is also possible to select all or only the doors/borads of the same color.

    Deselects all items.

    Selects the elements corresponding to the given dimensions on the drawing.

    The menu item is active if an element is selected in the drawing.
    Opens the drawing window where you can change the properties of the element.

    Cut and paste the selected items into the drawing.

   Copy the selected elements to the program's clipboard.(This clipboard is not the same as the Windows clipboard!)

    Cut the selected elements to the program's clipboard.

    Paste the elements on the clipboard into the drawing.

   Delete selected items from the drawing.

Copy selected to file:
    Save selected elements to a file for reuse in a later drawing.
    It is important to place them in the "Ekemek" folder of the program.
    The downloaded .bit files must also be copied into this folder.

Create group
    A group can be created from the selected elements.
   The name of the group appears in the "groups" window. They can be selected there with one click.
    If the selected items were already members of another group, they are removed from the old group.
    If a group is emptied in this way, it will be deleted.
    Groups can also be edited in the group window.
    They can be renamed with the right mouse button.If several groups are selected together, they can be merged.

Glassy door
    With the menu item, you can change the selected solid door to glass door or the glass door to a solid door.

Door dimension
   The table of standard door sizes can be edited here.
   The width of the doors must be entered in the first row, and their height in the first column.
   For standard door sizes enter 1 in the cell and leave blank if none.
    Based on the table, the size selection list is loaded in the door and box drawing window.
   Sizes not marked in the table will be marked as individual sizes in the parts list.
    The table is linked to the drawing and saved with it.

Room size
    Changing the size of the room.
   The OK button is only enabled if the modification is possible with the specified dimensions.