The software is free.
Anyone can use it freely, download it, copy it, pass it on, but they can't get paid for it.
The software can be fully used without an activation code.
Activation is only required to expand the color set.
Activation code is only available on the Hungarian language webpage.

This software is also available for Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Installation for Windows:
   Run the downloaded msb_install.exe file and follow the installer instructions.
   If a previous version of the program is already installed on your machine, it will be removed before installation.
   Previously created drawings are not deleted and can still be opened with the new software.

Portable version for Windows:
   The downloaded MsButor_portable.exe is a self-extracting file that unpackages the portable version of the program in the selected directory.
   The destination directory can be on an external hard drive or pen drive.

Installation for macOS :
Only tested on : MacOS Big Sur 11.1, MacOS Big Sur 11.2.2
A Mac with an Intel processor is required to use the software, the operation is not guaranteed for computers with an M1 processor.

Extract the downloaded .zip file.
Copy the extracted MsButor.app file to the Applications folder.
Launch from the Finder Application folder or from the Launchpad with the MsButor icon.

At first launch, the system may indicate that the software cannot be opened because the developer is not trusted.
To enable this, open theSystem settings -> Security and Data Protection -> General menu item and allow the file to be opened.
During the first startup, the computer can install the Wine Mono software,
which ensures the operation of the program framework on the MacOS system.