The View menu items:

In the menu, you can switch between views and make some settings.

Top view:
    There are three different top view modes to choose from.
    Clicking on the "Full" view to draw all pieces.
    With "Up" top "Down" bottom menus can only display items that are below or above a specified height.
You can set this height in the "Top view settings" menu.

Front view:

    The front view of the drawing.

Side view:

    The side view of the drawing.

You can move the drawing by holding down the left mouse button.
You can right-click to draw dimensional lines on the drawing :
A device will appear, consisting of a dashed line and a continuous line.
You can use this tool to take measurements.
You can also read the measured values in the lower right corner of the window.
Switch to diagonal measurement with middle button.
By right-clicking again, you can turn the tool off or left-click to draw a dimension line.


    In all three views, you can zoom in or out on the drawing:
      100% 1 pixel = 1 mm,
        40% 1 pixel = 2 mm,
        20% 1 pixel = 5 mm.
    You can also use the mouse wheel.


    Press and hold the left mouse button to rotate, the right mouse button to move the drawing.
    Use the mouse wheel to zoom.
The group dimension are displayed when the "Group dimesion lines" menu is active.


    The drawing can be moved in the same way as in the axonometric view.


  The drawing can be moved in the same way as in the axonometric view.


Reset the viewpoint.


    Select the items to display in the group window.


This helps to insert more precisely.


Turn on visualization smoothing.

Group dimension lines:
Show or hide group dimension lines in axonometric and perspective view.

Top view setting:

Enter the height that divides the drawing into lower and upper parts, as described in the top view.


        You can change the insertion position relative to the mouse pointer.
You can use the insert button.

Paper color:

Select a background color.

Turn animation on and off when switching views.

Select the program language.