Items in the Draw menu.

Use this menu to add items to your drawing.
The menus here open a windows.
You can specify the properties of the item you want to draw in the windows that will open. 
The program switches to the top view after the window closes.
The elements you want to paste (marked in green)  can be moved with the mouse on the drawing sheet.

The following functions are then available:
        - Press the TAB key to turn the alignment function on and off.
          Enabling this feature will help you position the items more accurately.       
        -Use the keyboard arrows to move around.
        - Use the PageUp-PageDown keys to rotate the item.
        -While holding down the left mouse button, you can move the drawing sheet on the screen.
        - Pressing the right mouse button switches a measuring device on or off.
        - Use the mouse's vertical scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the drawing.

If the item is placed in the top view, the program will change to the front view.
Now move the item vertical.
If you ready click to finish pasting.

When placing multiple identical items, such as furniture legs or shelves,
hold down the SHIFT key.
Press ESC to finish the insertion when you're done or release SHIFT at the last piece.
The program switches to the view where the paste started.

   One chipboard draw.
  In the window you can specify the size, color, edging, cut off of corners and rotation of the furniture sheet.
   The rotation about the vertical axis, when inserted, can be corrected as described above.
    In the "Group" field, we create a group for our item or we can make it part of an existing group.


    Creating a door.
   The size, rotation and color of the door can be specified.
    The "door" list has door fronts. You can select a glased door with the checkbox in the top right.
In the "chipboard" list, the chipboard colors can be found.
You can use this as a cross-print.


    Creating a worktop.
You can paste it after setting size, color, rotation and corners.


    Creating a cabinet box.
   You can specify Height, Width and Depth dimensions, or you can select door sizes from the dimensions specified in the Assortment Table.
You can adjust the thickness of the pieces of furniture that make up our box.
  You can specify how to compile:
          - From Side: This will place the bottom and top of the box between the pages.
          - Top-bottom: This places the sides of the box between the bottom and the top.

  You can add a foot or plinth to a box that you want to set on the floor.
- With "Foot" : the side of the box will be smaller by the specified size and get a leg of the type and color specified in the color menu.
- With "Toecick" : the lower shelf is raised higher and the sides reach the ground.

You can draw by entering the number of doors: a box without a door, a one-door and a two-door box.
If the door type includes a glazed door, you can also use the check box.
   "Shelf number" defines the number of inner shelves.
    You can adjust the rotation and create a group for your piece of furniture.

Kitchen cabinet::

    These menu items are the same as the box drawing menu, they can be used to make boxes for kitchen cabinets.
         - Sink - a cabinet that can be used under the sink.
          - Standard - cabinet under the kitchen counter with door.
          - 1 drawer - cabinet under the kitchen counter. Over the door with a drawer.
          - 4 drawer - cabinet with 3 drawers: 125mm and 1 drawer: 335mm.
          - Oven - cabinet under counter for 600x600mm built-in oven with drawer under the oven.
    For the last three cabinet types, you can choose whether to draw their drawers,
if so, they should be made of a piece of furniture or a metal drawer.


    Draw a drawer consisting of a piece of furniture and a backboard or draw the pieces of furniture needed for a metal drawer side.

Furniture legs:

    Draw furniture legs according to the selected type and color at the specified height.
    During insertion, when viewed from the top, holding down the SHIFT keyboard automatically places the piece on the ground and
you can continue drawing by creating new legs without having to use the drawing menu again.
ESC keyboard completes pasting.


    There are three different colors for three different shaped handles.


    Creae a wall.
    The dimensions given must be smaller than the size of the room areas.
So you have to fit in the room.


    Tile drawing in 5mm thickness


    Draw other elements.

Group from filel:

 Paste a file created in "Copy selected to File" in the Edit menu.