Items in the Edit menu

A menu of tools for modifying existing items.

Undo the last drawing operation.

Use the mouse pointer to select items.
The program will switch to a top view, you can left-click to create a marker rectangle.
Use this rectangle to select items.
Left-click again to go to the front wiev.
A marker rectangle can be used to further narrow the range of marked elements.
The selected items will appear in green on the drawing.

You can also select groups.
Click the group name In the group window.
You can also select with the mouse cursor, except for "visualisation".
Just left-click and the item you want to point to will select.
If the item is already selected, the one behind it is selected.
If you do not point to any of the pieces, the selection will be deselected.

Deselect items.

Selects items in the drawing that match the specified dimensions.

The menu item is active if an item in the drawing is selected.
You can change the properties of the item in the window that opens.

    Cut and re-insert selected items in the drawing.

   Copy the selected items to the program clipboard.( This clipboard does not match the Windows clipboard! )

Cutting the selected items to the program clipboard.

Paste items from clipboard into the drawing.

Delete the selected items.

Copy selected to file:
Save the selected items in a file so you can reuse them in future drawings.

Create group:
 Create a group of selected items.
 The name of the group is displayed in the "groups" window. You can select them with a single click.
Will be removed items from their old group if the items were already members of another group.
   The group is deleted when it is empty.
    You can edit groups in the group window.
You can rename them with the right mouse button or merge them if you select multiple groups.

Glassy door:
    Use the menu option to change the doors to glazed.

Door dimensions:
    You can edit the table with the standard door sizes.
  The first row is the door width.
  The first column is the doors height.
Enter 1 in the cell if the door size is standard, leave blank if not.
    - Ok button assign the table to the drawing.
    - Factory reset button sets the factory default values.
    - Set to base button set the current values to default values.

Room size:
Change the size of the room.
Ok button is available If the items fit in the area.